Why does crystal healing NOT work?

Why does crystal healing NOT work?

Hi my name is Sarah watt and I am a Crystal intuitive healer, Reiki practitioner and Spiritual life coach. Over ten years ago I wanted to make changes in my life and try and improve my health issues. I have M.E , Fibromyalgia and anxiety disorder.

I thought in the beginning that I was spiritually awakened I was obsessed with spiritual self help books and I bought every crystal healing book I could afford at the time. There were not many Crystal healing courses out there in person so I started to learn on my own without realising I was doing it all wrong. I thought if I memorised all the crystals there were (impossible there are thousands) and new ones being discovered all the time) and what it said in the books regarding crystal healing properties I would then be a crystal healer. I could not have been more wrong.


I bought every crystal I could off ebay (sigh I know…) and thought I should just have a big collection of crystals and learn from that. I didn’t know about fake, man made crystals and the ethics of crystal sourcing. I just kept buying I honestly don’t know what I was thinking but the reason im telling you this is I see so many mistakes I made over the years time and time again made by crystal enthusiasts in fb groups,and new customers.

Crystals are conscious beings the can feed and grow according to environment, adapt, change, grow and reproduce. Over the years I realised I was using crystals as objects and I really wasn’t connecting with them as they deserved and that effected my healing. I was not seeing each crystal as an individual. I did not respect the fact that they had gone through many trials and tribulations over millions of years before it ended up in my hands. Yes crystals are considered spiritual tools but they are much more than that.

Many many customers or fb members in crystal groups will ask which crystal will cure this or “which crystal will do this for me.” Now I have to admit this send shivers through my spine now and alarm bells start ringing. I immediately realise that the person asking this question does not fully understand how crystals work.

They buy these crystals that people have recommended and stick them on a shelf somewhere and expect them to work magic and heal them. Then they come to me and say they are not working.

Crystals heal on all levels emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically but they have to be used correctly and you have to understand the science and metaphysics of how they can help you.

To understand crystals you have to understand energy . Everything is energy and we all have a unique frequency as humans and partly crystalline ourselves our vibration changes due to ill health ‘toxic environments, people, how things affect us in life.

Crystals however are completely crystalline their structure forms a repeated pattern of a crystal lattice structure. Their vibration does not fluctuate or change vibration. They are natural oscillators vibrating at a constant. This is why quartz is perfect for technology we have today. Without crystals you would not be reading this from your device.

Other factors that create their healing properties are the location they are found on the planet, Their crystal structure, the colour of the crystal, shape all come into play when it comes to what they can help your healing with.

Your energy is unique to you and what you resonate with depends on you. A crystal that works for one person may not work or certainly not in the same way as for yourself.

Following crystal properties from a book or website is not the best way to connect with your crystals. For every crystal I post I also give out a healing card however these properties are from my own experience, my clients experience or what resonates with me. This is only meant to be a guide of how the crystal may help you it is not definitive.

There are many crystals I see that I do not feel drawn to and some I may suddenly feel drawn to previous crystals I dismissed, and often become obsessed.

However you choose your crystals initially you have to bear in mind that you need to create a bond with your crystals. Think of them like your friends. When making new friends you wouldn’t immediately assume they are your new BF would you and vice versa. It takes time to get to know people and the same applies to crystals. Crystals have been many places and past many hands before it reaches you so it is important to cleanse each crystal when you get them. Then you are ready to connect. The best way is to hold first of all in your left hand (receiving hand) and hold at your heart chakra. Meditate with it. Journal how you feel from your five senses. (Yes crystal can have a smell or sound too ) Then hold with your right hand and place at your heart chakra do the same, meditate go through the five senses what are you feeling ? journal it. Do this for atleast a few days to a week with the same stone. Notice any changes in your physical, mental, emotional state? Are you receiving any messages, images from your third eye.? As your energy fluctuates each day how you receive the crystals energy will change each day. Then If this is a crystal that you feel connected with buy another of the same stone, place one in each hand again journal how you feel for a few days. If you don’t feel anything don’t worry about it try another stone it may be that the crystal is just not right for you at this time.

It is worth noting that sometimes I have felt drawn to a buying a crystal but then not feeling connected or getting the urge to work with it, but sooner or later, days, weeks or sometimes years I find I need that crystal for healing at the right time. So I would always keep crystals you get for a while even if you don’t feel drawn to them at that moment. Of course if you feel guided to gift a crystal that could also be a good reason that particular crystal was calling you to buy it.

So if your crystals are not working for you it could be because of the following reasons.

  • You did not cleanse them enough

  • You chose a crystal because someone told you to or a book advised you to instead of trusting your intuition.

  • You have not connected with your crystal is it just lying on a shelf somewhere?

  • Have you journaled over a period of time how one crystal feels and then two of the same in each hand?

  • Have you programmed them with the right intentions?

Crystals will help YOU alter your vibration and raise your frequency so that you can heal. They can remove blocked energy, balance and cleanse your chakras , bring to the surface old trauma or emotional wounds you have buried deep down within that over time can manifest into physical illness if not dealt with or accepted… Crystals do not heal they are your trusted friend that can help you realise what YOU need to change in your life or heal by connecting to your energy field and raising your vibration so that YOU can have a higher perspective on a situation or connect to your higher self so that you can Heal yourself.

Crystals contain ancient knowledge about the Planets evolution and the global consciousness which you are connected to. You can tap into that information and access your Akashic records and past lives.

Why is that important ? If you know what your past lives were you will know what your life lessons were and what they are now. You can heal the past trauma for yourself and your ancestors. Clear karmic debt so you are free to live this life and future lifes at your highest potential and live your best life and who doesn’t want that?

To learn more about Crystal healing indepth there are affordable comprehensive ebooks and crystal healing online courses available in the shop website.


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