Why do crystals not work? Good Grief!

Updated: May 1, 2020

What happens when crystals don’t work? Has that ever happened to you? I have had chronic sinusitis for weeks now. Tried every crystal under the sun and nothing has worked to clear it. However being a crystal healer I know that it is not the fault of the crystals it is me. I will explain.

Crystals are oscillators they have a specific vibration that does not change, they can go off kilter if not cleansed properly but if they are they can be relied on to help shift energy blockages in the body to a more harmonious frequency. So what is going on with me? Why are they not doing their job? I hear you say. Well when we look at why the disease or illness happens in the first place we have to dig deep. As a healer I know that illness happens because an issue has not been addressed properly. We might think it has but deep down it hasn’t. In my case with this infection I had to really look at what I hadn’t dealt with in my life that was manifesting into sinusitis and urine infections. Both health issues on a holistic level stem from repressed anger and not letting go or dealing with something. I realised after thinking long and hard about it that I have been angry a lot lately about different things. Again though when I looked deeper that still was not the problem. After a lot of soul searching I admitted to myself that it is grief from last year that I had not faced. I thought I had dealt with everything ok at the time. Now I understand that I hadn’t really faced it head on. I was making myself so busy with other things so that I didn’t have to think about the loss and heartbreak. This whole year I was not ready to heal and deal with the grief and because of that repressed emotions have built up inside. So now it is no surprise that these emotions have manifested into physical illness.

I was not ready to even realise there was an underlying issue, the crystals were not the problem I was. I was blocking myself subconsciously from healing and getting in my own way. It has taken me to being very physically ill to question why and to be honest I was even angry with myself because as a therapist I should know better than that. I wasn’t seeing the signs.

The energy of crystals helped me get to the root of the problem so I was able to on reflection realise what that was. This has taken me weeks! They showed me where I need to work on myself in order to truly heal. In the beginning I was blocking the energy of crystals and not being open to receiving healing as I had not faced the real issue going on. This was the first time I had really experienced deep grief and the complex emotions that are part of the process.

Sometimes when you think the crystals aren’t working it is just that you are not in the right head space and not ready to be open to dealing with the root cause. The first step is realising there is more to the physical illness than meets the eye. Second is meditating and working on yourself, journaling, so that you can come to a place of being ready and open for healing to occur. Then it takes time to peel back the layers and get to the core of the problem.

Crystal healing sessions can allow the client to be relaxed and open to healing in a safe environment while the practitioner facilitates the healing process. Healing does not happen overnight but after a few sessions and working each time on what comes up during and after on an emotion and mental level it then deals with the physical health issues.

So if you ever wonder why crystals are not doing what you want of them, look inside yourself first then choose the crystals that work on the mind and soul aspects of that specific problem in order to then address the physical body concerns. You should then find that when you are ready the crystals are ready!

My Top Ten Crystals for helping with grief:




Apache Tear Obsidian


Rose Quartz

Snowflake obsidian

Ocean Jasper

Smokey Quartz

Black Agate

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