Updated: May 1, 2020

The Game Of Stones!

I think there is sometimes a misconception about crystal healing. Using crystals for healing does not mean you will instantly be healed! It does not mean you will never ever be ill again. Let me explain further, I have had Severe M.E and Fibromyalgia for 26 years now. I have been housebound and bedbound on and off for years until a few years ago.

When I was 19 ill health started when I was very stressed about exams added with a combination of Trauma stress from living in an abusive environment growing up. I ended up with glandular fever. At the time I didn’t know I was under stress it built up and affected me psychologically. I was constantly in fight or flight mode and my body just couldn’t take any more. In the beginningI had good days and bad days then gradually there were no good days health wise there were just bad days and worse days. The odd days on anxiety turned into severe anxiety disorder.

Over the years I struggled to socialise trying to be the same as everyone else, a people pleaser and at the same time I ended up in abusive relationships that made my health even worse. It wasn’t until years later I realised that it was up to me to change the cycle of drama and trauma in order to feel better and happier. I was tired of being tired all the time and tired of waiting to be better.

When I started meditating I realised that it was crucial I had to change my mind set and get out of victim mode. I was subconsciously choosing crappy relationships that validated low self- worth because I felt like a second class citizen for being ill all the time. I settled.

It gets to a point and I believe most people reach that point at some moment in their life where you just have to make changes in your life because you just cannot take any more of existing instead of living. I needed to learn to make changes within myself. This realisation may seem simple but it took me years to really understand this.

Reiki, Mediation and Crystal Healing have all played a part in helping me find my true self and be comfortable with it. Not the person I thought I should be for everyone elses approval.

Crystals can help you energetically shift negative thought patterns, all that gunky stuff buried deep down in your subconscious. They can really help you take a long hard look at yourself. However YOU have to be ready to do that. It is YOU that has to be dedicated to seeking guidance from your higher self and learning to trust your intuition. You begin to make healthier choices and have boundaries. Crystals give you that support to make gradual changes mentally and in return your body is under less stress and heals itself. This is a long process it doesn’t happen overnight and it is not some airy fairy woo woo magic. Learning to choose the right crystals to work with takes time but even if you have all the books in the world the only one that knows what resonates energetically is you. You will know when you find the right crystals. Crystal Workshops and books are great as a starting point to guide you to make the right crystal choices but essentially it is up to you as everyone's energy is different so are crystals.

Choosing to work with crystals from Mother Earth helps you appreciate that you are also part of Mother Earth and that we are all connected. Therefore to not see your value in this world is to not see the value in the world around you and how could you not. Crystals are beautifully fractured, broken, imperfect and yet on a frequency level as everything is energy pure perfection. This is the same for you, you are energy and no matter how broken you feel, no matter what you go through in life, there is always a way to change your vibration to a balanced harmonic frequency which can improve your life and your health. It is never to late.

Crystal healing is not a game of chance, hoping it will magically help you. If you are serious about feeling better and happier in your life then Crystals are a wonderful modality of healing that doesn’t need to cost a lot or take too much time but worth every second you feel more positive about the future. As their frequencies affect your aura they can get to the root of the problem before it manifests into a physical ailment. When you learn how dis-ease started then you are well on your way to healing mind, body and soul.

What about me? I have left all the drama and traumas in my life. I dedicate every day to feeling better a day at a time. I now leave all the unhealthy relationships, bad choices and drama to The Game Of Thrones. I have broken that cycle of negativity and only allow for growth and healthy possibilities and opportunities. Let Crystals help you on your journey to healing and wellness. Discover how they can help you change your life. You can make an appointment for a crystal healing session with me or why not book a ticket for my Crystal Confident Workshops? which help people learn and connect with crystals and have fun with like- minded people in the group. I have seen how crystal healing has changed my life and I want to help you change yours!

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