Lockdown Lowdown - Trust, perspective and crystals...all you need is yourself!

Some of the most popular questions I see in facebook groups or get asked regularly is how do I learn about crystals? Where do I start and which books should I buy first? First of all you must be able to be a clear channel for receiving and reading energy. You could read all the crystal books out there and memorise everything but that doesn’t make you a crystal healer. I wish someone had told me that when I first decided to learn about crystals I kept buying books and reading them then getting overwhelmed because I didn’t remember everything I had read. I thought this is pointless I am never going to remember it all. The thing is you really do not need to remember any of it. A lot of the modern day books are very samey trust me I have hundreds. They regurgitate the same information over and over again. It is also important to remember that any crystal healer who has courses etc its only from their perspective you are not necessarily going to resonate with everything they say. Nor should you feel pressurised into thinking a certain way in order to pass a course. I have done so many courses over the years I couldn’t tell you how many , most of which dictated what and how you do things but there is more than one way of learning and working with crystals. I do have a few favourite books that are written by people who obviously have a strong connection to crystals, their information comes from channellings that they have personally had. I find these interesting but it still doesn’t help me or you going forward. Everyone has different energy therefore they will interpret energy from the crystals differently. There are a few things you can do that can help you learn crystal healing:

1. Do not rely on books or websites for their metaphysical properties, trust yourself and what you pick up on when you spend time working and connecting with each crystal, write a crystal journal that way you will have your own crystal healing book.

2. Learn about the Chakras not just the main 7 Chakras from the physical body but at least 12 of the Chakras, as we are currently moving forward into the 5th dimension and we are raising our frequency along with the planet it is important to understand the etheric and cosmic chakras.

3. Meditate, you cannot connect with crystal consciousness properly if your mind is all over the place and your energy is out of balance, Meditation clears the mind and opens you up so you are able to receive energy clearly. It is important to ground and centre yourself before and after.

4. You don’t need to buy large expensive stones start off small with tumblestones then perhaps buy some raw crystals of the same mineral, compare the energies and write your findings in your journal. Then you can begin to buy bigger stones that you resonate with.

5. Learn about fake crystals there are so many fakes out there and also seller cheats, crystals can be altered, reconstituted, simulated, dyed, injected, heat treated .some people don’t mind buying crystals that are manmade or altered but atleast you can educate yourself before you do buy crystals so that you know the difference. You will then be able to ask the seller questions too. A reputable seller should tell you if it’s been treated or man-made.

6. I always tell people to trust their intuition if you trust yourself then you can never go wrong in your crystal buying choices because there will always be a reason you are drawn to a particular one. Some people are sensitive to energy I can read energy even if it is a picture on the internet I can feel the energy of the person or crystal so it doesn’t bother me buying online. However I recommend you do not buy online until you know more about crystals and possible fakes. Learn about the Mohs scale and how to identify minerals.

7. When you have spent time with crystals your vibration will rise and you will find you may change your perspective on life and make different and healthier life choices. I have always said trust your intuition when working with crystals but what I have found recently by spending time with crystals THEY have helped me trust myself and my intuition has become clearer and stronger for everything in my life NOT JUST CRYSTAL HEALING. Lockdown and its challenges has been a way for me to grow as a person as I see what and who is important in life and I am crystal clear on my goals moving forward. I have also learned to bring myself back to the present moment every time I can feel myself being overwhelmed. I have learned to let go of situations I cannot control a lot quicker than before, just concentrating on the present. When I felt everything was crashing around me I sat in the garden and watched and listened to the birds. I was grateful in the moment that I was able to have a garden and have a safe space to just be me in.

Crystals have become a tool for me to learn about myself, their energy provides support and protection as it allowed myself to be more open and authentic about who I am and how I express myself. We can struggle by putting expectations on ourselves and others unnecessarily, if we just learn to go with the flow and trust ourselves to live from the heart then we cannot go wrong, the real difficulty is when everything turns to crap how do we deal with it? By connecting to crystal consciousness they remind us of the bigger picture of unity and unconditional love. Who we are is not the story we tell ourselves or what others perceive us to be but our essence, a being of light. We are all here to learn how to connect with our true selves and others. Crystals are millions of years old they hold information about everything that has ever happened they have seen it all. Crystals will offer guidance on anything you need you just have to tune in to their frequencies which also teaches another important life lesson the art of listening.

As we learn about crystal energy and how they can help us in our healing work we can also begin our journey of self mastery and spiritual awakening. Getting to know crystals goes hand In hand with self discovery but you have to be ready for it? do you just trust yourself,? not the books or so called experts but you, for you are your biggest and brightest teacher.

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