Lemuria and Atlantis – fact or fiction Who Cares?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

There are many many books/websites and videos on Atlantis and Lemuria. Some say the same information some versions completely different. Where were these places? Did they really exist or are they just myths? Why does it matter what importance does it have today?

I have always felt like I have come from another place in time. Often being misunderstood. I have had an affinity with crystals since childhood but never new why. Sure they were pretty but there was more to it than that they felt magical. As a child the Amethyst in the National Museum was so unreal to me, as I ran my hands over the cluster points I could feel it vibrating almost talking to me. It took me to another world the kind you only see in movies. Or so I thought. When I spiritually awakened I was meditating for hours at a time and had many vision of Atlantis and Lemuria. I remember even being an old man waiting for a tsunami to hit I knew it was coming but I was happy and sad for some reason as I had fulfilled my duties as a protector or guardian of the land it had been prophesied that this would happen. Everything had been put in place I had done my part.

In the last ten years of this lifetime crystals have played such a huge part of my health management. Having suffered from M.E and fibromyalgia for 26 years I discovered that crystals all had their unique vibration which helped me change my mind set, reduce pain and other health concerns. I felt even more strongly that I could communicate with crystals. I trained as an Atlantean crystal healer. I learned how to work with crystals to help myself and clients the way we used to during Atlantis. I also trained as a Lemurian Light healer channelling dragon, dolphin and phoenix energy. I now identify with myself as Atlantean and Lemurian again. I remember these lifetimes and who I was and who my soul still is.

I have never been one for the latest technology infact I admit I am a bit of a technophobe. I do feel that is in part to do with past lives and the destruction of Atlantis. Crystal technology was misused in later Atlantean times which contributed to the Atlantean downfall.

Unfortunately the Atlanteans began to use crystals as energy weapons of destruction they forgot to be heart centred and worked instead from an intellectual point of view . I resonate with early Atlantis but more particularly Lemuria. It is thought that Lemurian civiliszation came before Atlantis. Many of the symbols we use today came originally from MU or Lemuria. (e,g Lotus flower) I loved that lifetime everything seemed more peaceful as a collective. The Atlanteans had giant temples and healing chambers all made from crystals. WE used crystals for healing and connecting to Gaia. We also used them as huge crystal pyramid power grids around the continent to create electricity for our cities and transport.

Crystals are programmable that is why nowadays we use them in technology like watches and computers. Lemurian seed crystals have horizontal lines on them, they were programmed with information about that time and if you rub your finger up and down those lines they are like reading barcodes. You can receive these downloads of hidden knowledge. Back then we didn’t need the fancy technology we have today but yet it seemed more advanced as a civilization with their crystal technology and in their way of thinking. We all had our third eyes switched on. The Lemurians were more connected with each other and had an awareness of us being as one with source. We all had psychic gifts activated. After Atlantis we forgot again became asleep but all that is changing again.

Now fast forward to 2019, why does is matter now? Well I really feel in my heart we are moving back to that state of being we are all shifting our vibration into a higher frequency. More and more people are being activated to wake up. Crystal healing and alternative therapies are becoming more mainstream again and an awareness of the mind, body and soul connection and how each effects the other is even becoming accepted more by scientists. In recent times I believe we have become less heart centred and more intellectual with our technology. Smart phones have meant we communicate less directly. Even meeting a friend or going out for a family meal means less conversation around the table and more looking down at our phones. Most communication is through social media and messaging which can become less personal and misunderstood. Genetic manipulation, smart devices they all are replaying Atlantis and its demise. We need to be thinking more from the heart and less from the head. It is my hope that with more people reconnecting with Lemuria and early Atlantis they will awaken their heart and will then raise our consciousness as a collective and also assist in healing instead of abusing Mother Earth.

It is not for me to tell you what Atlantis and Lemuria were like or even prove to you that they existed all these years ago. However I will say that if you feel drawn to the idea of what these continents represented as a civilization, then you might find yourself remembering you were part of them. I believe the Mayans, Native Americans, Incas ,Aztecs and many other ancient cultures originally came from Lemuria and Atlantis. Their ceremonies and rituals continued and thrived within these civilisations as the surviving Lemurians and Atlanteans spread throughout the world to preserve their scared knowledge. The Atlanteans were the founders of the ancient Egyptian civilization. It is thought that some Lemurians evolved underground in Mount Shasta, California and their community called Telos.

Everyone that does resonate with Lemuria and Atlantis all have their own perspective. It is an exciting journey remembering these times. However don’t take my word for it, I recommend you do your own research and see if it is something that resonates deep within you. If a book or idea does not feel right dismiss it and take what feels familiar to you. Spend time with your crystal collection, work with them. Ask them to help you remember. Meditate with Lemurian Crystals to connect to your heart chakra and Atlantean crystals to connect with your Third eye (psychic mind). You can then create balance in your life and make the right decisions and be connected to your higher self. Feeling reconnected to Lemuria and Atlantis has helped me on my own healing journey and also to have a deep passion for helping other people work with crystals for their self discovery and healing too. Perhaps you will remember life was magical then and it can be again for you too.

Listed below are some books and references I found useful.

Lemurian seed crystals from around the world by Rohana Contessa

The Angels of Atlantis by Stewart Pearce

The Atlantis Encyclopedia by Frank Joseph

The Scared symbols of Mu by Grogory Zorzos (just a list of words not that


Lemuria the buried truth by Tiffany Wardle

Telos (series) Revelations of the new Lemuria by Aurelia Louise Jones

The lost civilization of Lemuria by Frank Joseph

Learn Lemurian Healing by Tiffany Wardle

The lost Lands Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon by Lucy Cavendish

The sacred symbols of Mu by James Churchyard

The emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

*Edgar Cayce and David Wilcocks videos on you tube

*Videos on Atlantis and Lemuria on you tube

Chanellers to research

Francis Bacon - The New Atlantis Mesoamerican Scholars Helena Blavatsky

Rudolf Steiner Aleister Crowley

Edgar Cayce

Diana Cooper

Crystals that will help you connect with Atlantis and Lemuria

Lemurian seed Crystal

Lemurian crystal

Atlantean record keepers

Ocean Jasper (The Atlantis Stone)


Lemurian Calcite (Aquatine)


Candle Quartz

Crystal skulls




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