How do you learn about crystal healing? Is it expensive?

Updated: May 1, 2020

💜🧚‍♂️💜A question I get asked a lot is How do I learn about crystal healing? Is it expensive to learn?

My reply is - Sure you can spend hundreds of pounds on classes, books, online courses etc and I am not dissing these generally speaking. However a lot of the stuff out there is regurgitated from other sources. It is not always the best way to learn as with all energy healing modalities it is important to trust your own intuition in feeling the energy. I spent hundreds of pounds in the beginning ive bought as many books i could, been on many courses online and in person, spent a fortune on all the crystals I was recommended by "experts". It really does not have to cost you a fortune or hours of time.

🌈💎💜As some of you already know I learned to manage my health conditions M.E and fibromyalgia using crystal healing. I want as many people as possible to learn to be crystal confident in their decisions when purchasing crystals and in working with them. In my workshops I teach people some little gems of knowledge I picked up from years of working with crystals for my own healing journey as well as clients. I share my top tips and tools on how YOU can learn to use your own intuition and see what works for you to heal yourself. Then you are ready You can take back control of your life.

🤩🙌💚Everybody has a unique energy signature and I do not believe in one size fits all. What works best for one perhaps is not the best for another. I love how people can become as excited as me and can't wait to try out new crystals they have learned about and new ways to use them. It is so rewarding because I know once you have that feeling it is there for life. Once a soul has awakened it will always be continuing to grow and evolve. I absolutely love how crystals can shift your perspective on all aspects of your life, health and wellbeing.

💎💚🙏I don’t want anyone with long term health conditions to feel on their own, without support and feel lost in life as I did for so many years. It is truly an honour to be part of that journey by sharing my journey ( you can read about that in blogs on my website) I am so passionate about helping people realise their full potential and remember who they truly are magnificent light beings. I am still on my healing journey which I believe will always be ongoing, So why not come and join me at the crystal confident workshops and start your journey Your way with my support and meeting like minded souls in the process. It costs nothing to be open to change and healing, that is where it begins.💜💜💜

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