Updated: May 1, 2020


Feeling nothing will ever change? Do you feel disconnected from everyone? Struggling to cope with chronic health issues?

Do you want things to change in your life but don’t know how? Are you in a groundhog day feeling every day or most days?

Sometimes we feel stuck because we can’t see a way out. I used to get really annoyed with people telling me “change your perspective and you will feel better”. Easier said than done I thought. I had lost my job due to ill health, my relationship and many friends who just didn't understand I was quite frankly fed up trying to explain. Then I had to sell my flat and move back with parents. That wasn’t easy either.

Something changed it did’t happen over night but over a few years. I am 45 now and never ever thought my life could change I was expecting different results in life with the same old belief systems. I also blamed the world and people for my problems. Over the years I have changed and still evolving. Im a work in progress. Reiki, crystal healing, energy healing, spirituality have all become a passion. Something that excites me because I know they have helped me and I want it help others. However NOTHING can help you unless you are in that mind space of really from the bottom of your heart wanting to change how you see the world. When I awoke to the realisation that everything is energy it changed my life. It means that everything is temporary and that we have the power to create the life we want by changing our energy. First comes deconditioning and getting rid of old programming. Then becoming more accepting and at peace with who you are. Being authentic and saying to hell with what people think, and at the same time having empathy and love for others.

A friend often says to me are you getting in your own way Sarah? I think this is a great thing to really dig deep and be saying to yourself how can I change the situation by seeing things differently. I am still learning this and need reminding from time to time. So ask yourself seriously, are YOU getting in your own way?

So let’s get real one therapy of any sort is not gonna change your life or help you suddenly see the world differently. Years and years of self -sabotage and negative thoughts about yourself are not going to appear overnight,

Healing is like a ripple effect you make the first move my throwing that stone into the river and witness what happens in that moment. Eventually doing that enough times becomes a transformation and deep inner healing which then improves your health, have mental clarity and direction in life and even changes your DNA on a molecular level to heal physical ailments. YOU can get of your own way! First three steps

A good way to star shifting perspective is everyday when you get up think of three things you are grateful for that day.

I also cannot stress enough how much meditation can make a big difference to your stress levels and giving you perspective.

Connect, open up to people the more you learn to be completely yourself the more you will love and accept yourself and in return your heart will be more open to others. Accepting myself faults and all is an ongoing thing for me but I feel good that I am comfortable being around people and being completely authentic. Also having health boundaries was a huge thing for me when you are happy being yourself it is ok to say no to people that overstep boundaries. Protect yourself energetically. Black tourmaline is fantastic for this purpose. Sorry had to get a crystal tip in their somewhere.

Crystal healing can help you heal and change your life (one stone or crystal at a time) . Small changes often eventually make a huge difference. Crystals change your energetic frequency and raise it so you can become the best version of you. It is possible its not some new age mumbo jumbo. I can’t promise you how long it will take to change whatever you need or want to. I can promise you that as a practitioner (who has been in many situations in life where I was ready to give and couldn’t see a way out.) I can be there to support you through that change before ,during and after therapy sessions and workshop events. If you are unsure how crystal healing can work for you why not pop along to my Free popupshop event meetups where we hang out and I answer all your crystal questions about specific issues. Everything from insomnia, cfs ,anxiety, grief , Back pain, respiratory issues, to relationship issues to name a few.

WE have a great time there at the workshops and events. I also have an awesome and very supportive facebook group called Crystal Confident Community If you want to take the first step in healing by joining likeminded souls who also want to heal, transform their lives and make a difference to others.


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