Don't worry be happy - today

Updated: May 2, 2020

If you have suffered with a long term chronic health condition. You can still have a happy life. Please don't wait for for the day you might find some miracle cure to feel better before you choose to do the things you love. What if THAT day never comes?

I am an energy healer that means I facilitate healing for clients. Energy healing can take time it is a process it is not a fix it quick solution ,even after the therapy is over weeks later unwanted energies may come to the surface that have still to be worked on that haven,t been dealt with.. This can make the client apprehensive but given the right techniques,crystals and reiki sessions It is very powerful healing and can permanently reduce the cause of ill health. it is just like a detox but for the mental,physical,spiritual and emotional body. If you don't work on all energetic levels (auras) with the help of a practitioner imbalances and disease can manifest back into your auric field and physical body.

How I can help!

Before I start a therapy session I always have a consultation before a therapy to tailor the treatments to best suit their needs and afterwards I like to check in with the client on how they are feeling. In the following weeks I offer support with the client to make sure they are processing new the energies well and letting go of any that have been previously stagnant, causing blockages.

People often try "quick fixes" maybe the latest Facebook or you tube video claiming to heal everything will work this time? . I said to myself. However even with the best intentions when we don't reach our high expectations of how we should be well again or better and then we are not it failed for whatever reason, It places us back into that Dis-ease mindset and lowers our vibration. We go back to square one often without realising and the toxic cycle that created the imbalances in the first place. So many times i got so excited about a health tip or trying something to get better. So often I didn't pace myself or work on my negative (sometimes on a subconscious level) thought patterns and then wondered why I would relapse badly. Sometimes off work for weeks or months at a time. I believed It would be so easy to give up . sigh. it would take less energy than to keep putting energy into trying to get better and then failing all the time. It is at that point you recognise your thought process and take action to change it.

Mission impossible?

It truly is possible. Start by planning small goals of things you really want to do and love, work on changing your mindset( which does not happen overnight even if you are the worlds greatest guru). I promise you your life will get better, even if you are still ill you will start to FEEL happier and that eventually restructures your DNA and changes your reality on all levels. I have been chronically ill, considered disabled by consultants and GPs. I am now slowly changing my life. Do I still have these health conditions? yes? Will I let that limit and stop me trying to create my preferred reality? hell no. To read about my 25yr health struggle and how I have developed coping skills and healing aspects of my life physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually, using energy healing techniques please feel free to read my blog called I am me ! not M.E.

Remember everything is energy our thoughts create our reality. You can create the life you want regardless of health limitations. I might be fully well one day and so might you, but until then lets do something . Energy flows where the attention goes. It takes time, realistically you are going to slip back into old belief systems especially on days you are physically feeling worse.. Do not give up. ! What worked for me on these days i gave myself permission to feel however I was feeling. I used to feel bad that i let people down cancelling arrangements or being off work sick. What made it worse is that i felt no-one understood how I was feeling. Over time I started to eventually care less about what other peoples negative opinions were about what I would describe as an Invisible illness. Comments like "well you don't look ill to me" used to really upset me. I realised then that i was making myself more ill by being upset about what others thought . I had years of PTSD, panic attacks, non epileptic seizures sometimes a dozen a day which would totally wipe me out. This was mainly due to the build up of physical pain and then anxiety because I panicked about being stuck in the street too ill to move. I felt dis- empowered and vulnerable.

I would really like you to start believing that life will start to feel better. By making small adjustments to help you cope with health issues. You can gain more self esteem and get your power back. Meditation,breathing exercises , the use of essential oils, bach remedies, mindfulness, crystal healing and reiki have all allowed me to stay in work, reduce medication and feel a little bit more happier everyday. I got back control of my life.

I want to help YOU DO IT TOO! Happy New You in 2019! xsarah

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