Crystal Shopping is like searching for Mr or Mrs Right!

Updated: May 2, 2020

As a crystal healer I often visit crystal shops and I realised that there are some important things to look out for when deciding to go crystal shopping. A lot of people say to me is it ok to buy crystals online.? I believe as with all aspects of crystal healing you should always trust your gut. There are lots of things to be careful of when online buying but I will keep that subject for another time.

Visiting crystal shops top tips:

How are the crystals/stones displayed?

I always have a look around and see if they are displayed and stored with love and care that might seem odd but I have found that some sellers have crystals in containers and they have just been chucked in with pieces that have broken off. It shows to me that they are caring more about the money than the care and quality of crystals.

Does the shop offer crystal properties info?

I find that if a shop has the healing properties listed with the names of crystals it show they know what they are selling. Occasionally I have seen crystals been mislabelled and with no other info.

Ask questions?

I always enjoy learning more about crystals with over 4,000 on the market it is impossible to know about every one of them. However if the owner has some knowledge of which location they come from and where the mines are it is a good indication that the stock has come from a trustworthy source and not been lab created or unethically mined in places like China. It shows that the owner cares about the stock source and that means they have been handled with a good energetic intention. Beware of the scammers!

Can I hold them?

There is nothing worse when visiting a shop and you feel unable to hold and connect with the crystals. The owner either glares at you or has a sign up saying do not touch. I prefer going to shops where the owner is happy for me to handle the crystals and get a feel for them. You want to feel excited about your choice and know that you have chosen well, sometimes the crystals choose you when you hold them and when you know you know.

Too good to be true?

Occasionally I have walked into a crystal shop. The layout is perfect, there is a greats election of crystals, it all looks fantastic but something feels “off” . Maybe it is the energy of the shop assistant? Perhaps the energy of the room? When I feel like that It doesn’t matter how good it all looks I say thank you and walk out. In the past if I have bought a crystal from a shop that feels off I have got home and just cannot put my finger on why I felt that way. No matter how much I cleanse that crystal I just cannot for whatever reason connect with it. Sometimes it has resonated with a friend and I have given them away. Now I follow my rules and if it doesn’t feel right if it looks too good to be true it usually is.

Are they correctly priced?

Once you start getting used to adding to your collection I always spend time window shopping online. I compare prices with quality and size. It is useful to know if you are in a shop and you know roughly what price it should be. I have been in shops where they charge three times the price for no reason accept it is in a tourist location or they are just about making profit. However there are obvious exceptions you are not going to get a natural citrine point for same price as the common citrine which is actually heat treated amethyst. Natural citrine mostly from the Congo is rare and completely a different colour from the popular heat treated orangey or burnt looking citrine, usually from Brazil.

Is it ok to ask?

If you feel unsure of why something seems expensive or if you don’t know if something is real or not a good seller will not be offended and actually be happy that you are interested enough to ask. There is lot of fake crystals out there especially citrine, moldavite, ametrine, turquoise.

Final thoughts…

I feel that crystal shopping is like looking for Mr or Mrs Right!. If you are still looking for that significant other then the same advice applies. Spend time getting to know them, don’t rush into anything, learn what you can before you make your choice and always go with your gut feeling. In saying all that I believe if you are meant to be with someone it will happen and the right one will come along unexpectedly. Like crystal collecting the ones you find and feel drawn to are the ones you need! So go out and have fun adding to your crystal collection and if a shop or crystal feels right Go For It!

Sarah x

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