Crystal Healing Online course OMG part two

Updated: May 1, 2020

🌟🌟🌟Sorry but I have to have another moan..Crystal Healing courses online...OMG part two. See my blog for first rant lol🌟🌟🌟…/crystal-he…

.I admit i have taken a lot of courses mainly for something to do and to add to my research . I am also open to doing things differently if i learn something new.. 💎💎💎 ..However they really are getting me fired up ...The teachers that write these courses I have no doubt in their own way they know what they are doing but they are teaching by text explaining "HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE" I want to make this clear when you are working with any energy healing their is rarely right from wrong in a lot of these modalities as it all about trusting your intuition so when a "teacher is saying it has to be certain stones or done a certain way" then youve lost me there. You should be able to choose your own crystals and be able to say why not just reel off a list that they have given as the "right" list .

These courses are teaching the opposite of how the consciousness of crystal energy and how we bond with it all wrong and is is actually harming and even giving people that genuinely want to learn crystal healing a damaging and bad start to their learning. THese courses encourage you to think like the teacher only choose the crystals they suggest and techniques they teach. So if someone starts these courses and thinks intuitively something different to what the teacher says they will 1. be marked down for wrong answers when there is no wrong answer 2. They will lose confidence in working intuitively and second guess what they are doing becuase it doesnt match what is in the course. For example I have taken several online accredited courses and not one mentioned the uses of selenite and how awesome it is for cleansing your aura as well as your crystals. Not one course asks you which crystals you yourself would choose for a specific purpose instead you have to name the ones they use. Ones that have not resonated with me attal. 💎💎💎

Just feels wrong somehow and it worries me that people think they have done online course and now they are a crystal healer. There is noone out there that knows everything about all the crystals . There is also no need to know about everyone out there. What is important is investing time for your own healing and learning to work intuively with crystals and with confidence in your choices. This has turned into a big rant sorry just had to say my piece again. 💎Sarah Watt #crystals #reiki #energy #healing

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