Crystal Healing Kits - What you really need

Updated: May 1, 2020

Hi! Crystal Peeps Over the years and especially when I started doing crystal healing for myself I did not know where or how to start my collection. What did I really need as opposed to what the numerous websites told me I SHOULD buy? I never bought any crystal healing or chakra sets because there was always something I felt missing in most of them. I have finally made what I think is the Complete Chakra Healing Kit in addition to specific crystal healing kits.

Crystal Healing Kits - What you really need

I made a checklist of what I wanted my kits to be like:

  1. All Crystals are ethically sourced

  2. All Crystals are good quality and size medium - xlarge for holding and working with each crystals eenergy.

  3. All crystals are Reiki and Sage Cleansed

  4. All crystals chosen are stones that I have worked with tried and tested for myself and for clients

  5. All Kits should have a selenite stick for cleansing the rest of the stones and for Aura cleansing

  6. All Chakra Healing Kits should have a clear quartz point for amplifying the other crystals energy and for your own chakra balancing receiving and sending energy technique

  7. All Chakra Kits should have Black tourmaline because when you are opening up and working on your energy centres you want your Aura to be protected and for grounding yourself afterwards

  8. There should be Healing property cards for everything in the kits

  9. There should be instructions on how to use Selenite and Clear Quartz

  10. There should be a chakra guide

I am so happy with mine I think I finally nailed it " The Complete Chakra Healing Kit"

Crystal Healing Kits can be bespoke to suit your needs I offer a free crystal consultation by email or before an inperson healing session. Everyone's energy is different so what works for one will differ for each person. There are atleast 8 stones in each crystal healing kit so that you can find out the best combinations that work best for you that also may change over time. I recommend buying a diary or notebook just to record your findings on how you feel when working with each crystal in the kit.

I am also giving away A FREE Comprehensive guide to caring for your crystals. why I don't believe in charging, and how to cleanse and programme. You can download this when you subscribe to the website. I also run crystal confident workshops for all levels of crystal lovers who come together for some fun and interactive learning. I believe this is the best way to learn about crystal energy, I provide all the crystals you need for the workshops and run a popup shop afterwards if you want to take any of them home. No pressure to buy. You can hang out with likeminded people, crystal chat, Have a free crystal consultation, look at crystal books and oracle cards for reference.

If you would like a Crystal Healing Kit made just for you please get in touch by email.

You can receive your FREE Comprehensive Crystal Care Guide by subscribing to the website

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