Crystal healing courses online, OMG don't get me started

Updated: May 2, 2020

It amazes me the amount of crystal courses💎💎💎 out there say you can learn crystal healing in so many hours and you dont even need to own any crystals to do the course.😮😮😮 OMG True crystal healing is all about connecting to the crystals energy and resonance How can you learn to be confident in what crystals to work with for yourself or others if You don't have any crystals?

I understand crystals can be expensive and it can be overwhelming with all the different viewpoints out there. In my workshops I teach you to hold and connect to different crystals, have the confidence to know which ones are the right ones, Then you don't need to worry if someone else has a different opinion about crystal healing because you will have experienced it working for yourself.

You will know what is in alignment for you own healing journey. 🌈🌈🌈 Attendees at my workshops can work with lots of crystals and there is no pressure to buy anything. In time you will feel drawn to more crystals and know why and it does take time and everyone is different.There is no end to the learning ive been working with crystals for ten years and i am still learning about new crystals and discovering more about myself through these powerful energies That is worth more than what you pay for with these online courses. Im not saying they are rubbish, they can be useful for enhancing knowledge once you know and learn the basics for yourself. Feeling the crystals energy is not something these courses can teach you. YOU have to work on yourself, keep your energy as clear a channel as possible, have the right intention and a certain level of understanding of crystal consciousness and spiritual awareness. It all starts with YOU not some online course or book. 💜💎💜😀#lemurianlotusliving #crystals #courses #edinburgh #learning #fun #vibe #resonate #healing #masteryourself

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