9 ways Rose Quartz can change your life!

Rose Quartz is one of the most common quartz crystals people have heard about. Most people know that it is pink and associated with the heart chakra so therefore assists you with matters of the heart. However I believe Rose Quartz is so underrated this beautiful stone can help you with so many things that I dont know why people prefer to go for the fancier pink stones. Here is a list of just a few ways Rose Quartz can help you on a daily basis.


1. The Egyptians used Rose quartz to prevent anti-aging and would often have it in their bath or massage their skin. It increases the oxygen in the blood and stimulates circulation. I recommend tumblestones in your bath so that they dont scratch your bath or your skin.

2. Rose Quartz is associated with our etheric higher heart chakra located slightly above the main heart chakra and to the centre. The higher heart chakra is pink and aids the Thymus Gland. It allows you to speak from the heart, have compassion and forgiveness. Rose quartz enables us to activate this chakra so we are fully connected to our higher spiritual chakras and acts as a bridge from the physical body to the spiritual. The Thymus Gland is one of the first glands to develop in the fetus. So Rose Quartz is very important during the stages of pregnancy. It also assists with a healthy immune system.

3. The thymus chakra or higher heart chakra holds our DNA patterning. Rose Quartz will help you become aware of your higher self connection, past lives and karmic patterns. This chakra is all about divine love.

4. Rose Quartz is also known to lower blood pressure and heal tumors.

5. If you have often wondered what your life purpose is Rose Quartz will assist you in meditaion to discover who you really are and how you should express yourself.

6. Rose Quartz will dissolve your fears and resentments and allow you to let go of the past.

7. If you have trouble sleeping a piece of rose quartz beside your bed , worn on your left wrist or under your pillow should do the trick. It helps you feel calm and relaxed and helps prevent nightmares and night terrors.

8. Rose Quartz can also be used to relieve you of a cough and can be used as an elixer or alternatively a masage tool.

9. This beautiful stone can help us in grief and troubled times. It gives us a gentle loving nudge and encourages self love while reminding us that we are spiritually protected with unconditional love.

Maybe you don't yet have some Rose Quartz in your life? Or maybe you do but have not discovered all it can help you with in your life. So why not spend some time with RQ again and rediscover the unconditional love and healing it will bring to you. You deserve it don't you?

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