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I have completed many courses online for practitioner,advanced practitioner and Master Crystal Healing Practitioner. I always thought that a lot of the courses missed out a lot of important information when it comes to understanding how Crystals work as a healing tool. After ten years, I have come to believe that the best way to learn is to forget the books and so called Crystal healing experts. Crystals have a unique energy and so do you, only YOU know what crystals resonate with your energy. YOU are your own expert.

I have created fun exercises and information in 10 modules, (100 pages.)

throughout the course so that by the time you have completed it you will have become CRYSTAL CONFIDENT in your crystal choices and how you work with them for your own healing.

Please note * This is not an accredited Crystal Healing Practitioner course because I firmly believe you need to lay a foundation first of experience and intuitive healing for yourself. As with Reiki, The most productive way to learn at Practitioner level is in person., I aim to provide this in the future.

At the moment this course is a comprehensive look at crystals and to guide you in the right direction for your Crystal Journey. Last year I ran in-person Crystal Confident Workshops which were attended by beginners, crystal obsessed and Crystal healers.

My aim for this course is to expand on what I taught last year and give an indepth practical way to learn more. It is designed to be self paced so that you can take your time with the exercises. The whole course should take about a month of learning and commitment from you with online support and feedback from myself. There will be a Facebook group and FB lives aswell as personal support to guide you through it.

Please see images for course content. I am with you all the way, so lets begin....

Sarah Watt

Crystal & Reiki Master Practitioner

Spiritual Life Coach

Owner of Lemurian Lotus Living

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