Tumblestones can be used in many different ways for healing from healing sessions, gridmaking, elixers, jewellery, fengshui to name a few. I have always prefered large stones for working with the their different energies. They are easier to hold and there is less chance of losing them

For this reason most of the tumblestones are medium to large size where possible. I do not work with any manmade stones, so I will not sell them to others. There are many other crystal shops who sell them. I do not work with manmade crystals in my crystal healing sesions therefore it would not be right to sell them to you If I have not worked and connected to that energy.

All the crystals you buy here come with healing property cards. The information on them is not from any books or reference but from my own experience over the years working with each crystals energy. Every crystal has a unique energy, just as we all have different frequencies of energy feilds. A crystal does not change or fluctuate in energy. They are natural oscillators, however I always advise you cleanse your crystals after working and programming them as their vibration can get slightly muddied by absorbing negativity around them. A bit like a radio channel crystals need to be retuned.

Some practitioners believe in charging their crystals. However more and more Crystal Teachers are in agreement that it is not necessary. By "charging" crystals it does not change their vibration. I prefer to consider it as retuning, bringing them back to their natural state before taking on all our "stuff".

As with everything to do with crystal healing always follow your own intuition when choosing and caring for your crystals. If you go with what resonates for you, you cannot go wrong.

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