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Due to the current situation with the Corona virus there will currently be no inperson workshops and events. Please subscribe to the website so you can be notified of when the workshops and events start again hopefully later in the year.

If anyone wishes to have a Reiki distance healing session (healing sent remotely) please email me to arrange an appointment.

Be well Be safe xSarah

Physical illness can begin with negative thought patterns as thoughts are a form of energy. Over time and often subconsciously our childhood experiences, Life situations, Trauma and stress all contribute to disease and disharmony in the body, mind and soul of each of us. I use various techniques as a spiritual life coach to guide you through the root of the problem and unblock and release emotional wounds. I am an Intuitive empath and use Hooponoopono , shadow work, divination tools, and other spiritual and energy work modalities to clear your Aura , balance your chakras, release energy blocks and help you discover your true authentic self once again.

Shadow Work - £40 1hr

Shadow work is not easy but can be very rewarding. By acknowledging our shadow aspects and working through them, we can gain empowerment and more self confidence. By loving all our aspects and accepting ourselves we also become more true to ourselves and compassionate to others. It is a process that should be honoured and time taken for self discovery. I am there to guide you through that using various shadow mastery techniques. Minimum of three sessions is advisable so I can show you ways to support yourself in the process and aftercare.

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