Satin Spar is from the gypsum family it has a fibrous opaque milky white shine. It is NOT "True Selenite" it is often used as palmstones, rulers spheres and wands because it is a lot cheaper to make. True Selenite is much rarer and is transparent in clarity. They are both made of the same mineral but crystalised differently in formation.

Most retailers call Satin Spar - Selenite. Desert Rose is also from the same Gypsum family which is mixed with sand particles.

Both Satin Spar and True Selenite have similar metaphysical properties and can be used for cleansing the energy of a room, your crystals or yourself and clients. It is very useful for sealing in the Aura for protection.

Most people know Satin Spar as Selenite so for the purpose of finding it easily on the catalogue I have kept it as Selenite with an explanation as to the difference. If an item is True Selenite it will be named as such on the item description.

Selenite (satin spar) Crown and soul star chakra White/clear

Absorbs negative energy, Opens up the crown chakra to allow connection, to higher self , Past live connection, Telepathy, Cleans the aura and aligns the chakras, Strengthens memory, Aids in sleep. Provides energetic protection, Angelic communication, develops spiritual gifts.

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