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Three different options of pyramids: Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. small spheres on end of chains. This beautiful pendulum will be sent to you with love in a velvet gift bag and crystal healing property card.

Clear Quartz - "The Master healer" Crown,Soul star chakra /aids all chakrasWhite/clear

Amplifies energy,Clarity and focus, Programmable, Manifestation,Recharge energy, Works on any health condition, Protection against negativity, Pain reliever and soothes nerves, Strengthens auric field, Activates, clears and aligns all chakras.

Rose Quartz "stone of Love"Higher Heart Chakra, Light pink

Symbol of unconditional love, helping you speak from the heart,or yourself and others, Improves circulation, releases emotions, promotes harmony and peace, Improves immune system, Healing heartbreak and grief.

Amethyst - Crown and Third eye chakra, Purple

Spiritual protection and purification. EMF protection, Promotes hormone balance and weight loss. Stress relief, Relieves migraines. Inner peace and wisdom. Relief from depession and grief. Aids in sleep. Chevron Amethyst is particularly good for relieving physical pain.
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