Preseli Bluestone From the Preseli Hils in Wales At Stonehenge the outer stones are called Sarsens and are hard Sandstone which were from the area. And are around 8500BC The smaller stones are called Bluestone because when wet they have a blueish tint to them. It is believed to be from Wales.It is thought the smaller Preseli stones were put there at a different time period approximately2900BC. The Merlin Myth is that he brought thestones to Stonehenge because he believed they had medicinal properties. The people washed the stones he collected the water for a bath,The water then contained the stones healing properies.

Preseli is made from Quartz, Feldspar, Mica,clay and rock. Otherwise called "Greywacke" pronouced Gray whacky which is a sandstone mixture of different minerals. Root and Solar Plexus , Connecting with Merlin , Developing psychic gifts, Past Life connection, Deeper connection to Earth, Encourages sound healing, Helps you see if Truth is being spoken, .Courage, Helps you find your soul tribe, Stay calm and relaxed, Gets rid of emotional baggage, Good Luck, Wealth and success, Enhances Intuition and Clarity, Boosts immune system.. Grounding.

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