A variety of gemstone eggs, shapes and hearts.

EGGS: Egg shapes symbolize fertility ,rebirth and new beginnings. They can be used to rebalance and detect emtional blockages in the body. You can hold the egg between your thumb and fingers and use it to scan your auric field. The egg shape is very versatile and an ideal tool for meditation. The egg represents growth and protection and can promote a good nights sleep.

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SPHERE: Crystal spheres allow energy to emit in all directions. They are ideal for placing around the house for harmony and balance.An ideal mediation tool for helping you feel a sense of wholeness.They can help you see situations from a different perspective.

HEARTS: Crystal hearts shapes help you work with matters of the heart and heart chakra healing. By activating the heart chakra it allows you to form a bridge between the physical body and lower chakras with the spiritual body and higher chakras. For perfect alignment in energy, connection to your higher self and balance.

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