Crystal Healing gets to the root of the problem and can be used to treat symptoms of any health issue phyiscally,mentally, emotionally and spirituality. I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety disorder and Fibromyalgia for nealy 28 years. These conditions are very complex and symptoms vary from person to person.

I have also had a few spiritual awakenings and at each time a deeper understanding of a higher awareness. This was definitely due to working with certain crystals in meditation and healing work.

Sleep issues, chronic muscle pain, nerve pain, chronic fatigue, migraines, IBS, seizures, restless leg syndrome, Cognitive and speech impairments, mobility issues are just some of the symptoms I have personally used crystal healing for myself over the years and for clients.

Crystals that are suggested on this website are chosen from my own experiences or from working with clients in therapy sessions and as every person has a unique energy signature, so do crystals. What resonates with some will not be the same for others. This is why i created crystal healing kits that have around 9 stones to work from. (see crystal healing kits section in store)

You will be able to journal your own findings on how each crystal vibration has helped you. I recommend writing a diary just for your crystal healing so that you can see your progression on specific areas of health or life you wish to improve. Journals are for sale in the healing tools category of this website.

Crystal healing is to be used only as a complimentary therapy and not as a substitute for seeking professional medical attention.

Check out which crystals can be used for a specific health issue physically, mentally or emotionally click on each health category and discover what resonates for you.

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