This consultation can be done by email or by phone. I will ask you about any health issues or problems you would like to focus on for healing. The information exchanged is confidential and only held during the time the consulation process. I will then email you or phone you back within 1-2 days with guidance and crystal suggestions.

Please note that Complimentary therapies are not to be used instead of seeking medical attention from a Doctor. The crystals and guidance given are just recommendations and everyone resonates with crystals differently. What helps one person may not help another. Crystal healing can speed up the healing process. For example bringing uncomfortable emotions to the surface. Or cold syptoms may feel worse before they get better. They are not a cure for anything. Crystals assist you to help change your vibration and assist in your own healing process.

Crystals that I recommend may be available to purchase at my store. Crystal healing kits are available and you can search under each health category.

Crystal healing goes to the root of the problem and the source of manifestation of ill health is unique for all. If you attend one of my therapy sessions a consultation is included in the price.

We all have the power to heal ourselves but it is very often complex as to how, Crystals help us with that process.

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