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💎💎💎Everyone sees adverts for crystal healing kits and you would think id be all for it being a crystal lover and all that jazz. However most of them to put it bluntly are over priced, you dont know if they are ethically sourced and you get no in depth info on each crystal in the kit. If you are a beginner or buying as a gift then you most certainly need to buy a selenite stick for cleansing them before and after use. 💜💜💜

🌞🌞🌞So i promised myself once i got my business up and running I would make the ultimate crystal healing kits with everything I wish I had when i first began collecting crystals.

The chakra kits are the complete chakra healing kit, with everything you need for cleansing, balancing and working on your chakras. If our chakras are out of balance it causes illhealth, tears and holes in your aura, you are unable to manifest and attract the right people and situations in your life. So what you waiting for? your chakras need you!🌈🌈🌈

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