About the Crystal Living store

ABOUT STORE: I have always loved crystals to look at aesthetically always loved the amethyst geodes in the museum spent hours lying in them, but it is has only been in the last ten years I have felt called to work with crystals for my own crystal healing journey, then started getting asked for crystal guidance from coworkers and friends, my family still thought I ws nuts.  it then evolved a few  years ago helping clients with bespoke crystal healing and reiki therapies. Last year I had a large popup shop set up when I ran crystal workshops it was always a fantastic day for everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many lovely souls. My workshops were interactive and a lot of fun with crystal shopping  and consultations afterwards.


During the lockdown I began recieving messages from customers for crystal healing kits. I started posting them out and from the great feeback I received it was nice to know they were helping people with allsorts of problems at such an unsettling time. I really enjoy packaging new crystals for people knowing the excitment and joy they will get when they recieve their packages. My new crystal postal service grew organically and I now have regular customers asking me for lots of crystal goodies. So I decided the best way to help would be to create an online crystal store and make this a permanent feature of my business.


ETHICS: Throughout the years I have always bought crystals from sellers that have good ethics when it comes to crystals and that also have an uderstanding of crystal energy. To this day I use the same sellers for the shop which guarantee you good quality crystals that have been ethically sourced.   Crystals can pass  through so many hands that sometimes it is impossible to follow the trail back to the original source.  Therefore I try my best to deal personally with the owners of the mines or small businesses that deal directly from the mines and are listed Fair Trade dealers.  


I have never been a fan of treated crystals or man-made. I have never worked with these crystals therefore I do not sell anything that has been altered or manmade. This includes heat treated amethyst,opalite,goldstone,blue howlite sold as genuine turquiose. This is just my personal preference and I always tell people to buy what they resonate with. For this reason I cannot sell crystals I don't resonate with as I cannot give you guidance on these crystals. I sell only what I have worked with and can recommend.

I don't do wholesale orders, I am a small independent business owner and complimentary therapist , crystals are hand selected where possible and are cleansed before shipping to customers. Every crystal in this store comes with a crystal properties healing card for guidance. A lot of my customers like to keep the cards in alpabetical order in a little filing system for reference.  I always found it beneficial  to receieve a healing card when I bought crystals  so I could work with that information as a starting point for my healing work.  Everyone has different energy just as every crystal has a unique frequency. What resonates with one person might not for another, So I encourage you to spend time with your new crystal babies and keep a crystal journal on your discoveries. 


Disclaimer: Crystal Healing is to be used as a complimentary therapy and is not a replacement for seeking medical attention from your GP.


I have a facebook group called Crystal Confident Community where we share our thoughts and support each other on their crystal journey. You are more than welcome to join us. click here to join FB group

It is an honour that you have chosen the beautiful crystals here to help you with your crystal healing journey. They are excited to be going to their forever homes.


x Sarah

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