About me

Who is Sarah Watt?  Reiki and Crystal Healing Master, Spiritual Life Coach. How has energy healing changed my life?

I have always loved to help people and I love learning and self-development.  I have been working in libraries for 26 years now.  I still love it for those reasons.  However I have also struggled with chronic health problems for that same amount of time. I was diagnosed with M.E and fibromyalgia along with anxiety disorder many years ago.  I know how it feels when noone listens.  I understand how hard it is to remain positive when you have been housebound and bed bound for months, weeks at a time over long periods of time.


So i have managed in recent years to be able to change my mindset, manage pain and stay in employment.  I have always loved crystals but in the last ten years i began researching and using them as energy healing tools.  Everything is energy.  When we have blocked energy in our system it effects all levels of our being physically, mentally, emotionally and physically.   I took back control of my life and I can help you too.  Energy healing modalities really do help work with the root of the problem.  As a practitioner I facilitate the channelling of energy with Reiki and select the right stones/crystals for particular areas the client wants to works on.   It is amazing what can come up after a few sessions, clients have a more positive outlook and there have been many ah ha moments.  More relaxed and reduction in pain have been the common occurrences after a Reiki and Crystal healing session.  


Energy healing and working with crystals have been around for thousands of years.   I really resonate with the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Therefore i have been attuned to those energies and trained in the Lemurian and Atlantean techniques that they used for healing. 


I am a qualified  Atlantean, Crystal and Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Healing Practitioner, Lemurian Light Healing, Crystal Master Practitioner ,Atlantean crystal healing practitioner. and Spiritual Life Coach


The Lemurians and Atlanteans were highly advanced spiritually there was a more pure energy of oneness.  They understood the importance of sacred geometry, pyramid healing and crystal healing chambers.  A reiki and crystal combo with me is a journey back to the beginning to find your true self before the trauma or illhealth in this lifetime.  It is a process that will change your life just as it has mine.  Crystal and angel blessings xSarah