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Lemurian Lotus Living holistic healing services

I’m a certified Reiki  and Crystal Master practitoner  specializing in a variety of holistic treatment services. I regard each patient as a whole, rather than an illness to be defeated. I believe in nurturing, rather than battling against the body.   Get in touch with me today to start healing your mind, body, and soul.


Reiki and crystal therapies

"Had a very relaxing reiki session with Sarah. I felt both calmer and refreshed afterwards. I will definitely be booking in for another session"  Heather R

"I had a very relaxing treatment, slept like a log and felt great the following day. I have been able to continue with that feeling while doing relaxation exercises at home." Anna G

"Sarah is a gifted healer and knows her stuff when it comes to crystals. I had never had a crystal healing before and I found it very helpful in bringing to the surface and releasing some deep- seeded negativity. I am an energy healer as well and wouldn't recommend someone who wasn't truly able to heal. Sarah heals with grace and compassion. Whatever soul work you're doing or willing to begin, I'd highly recommend Sarah!"  Trish W


Crystal Confident Workshops & Events

"Thank you so much for such a beautiful day . The workshop was so informative I learned so much and took so much from it . Not to mention the beautiful pop up shop at the end . Thank you I will definitely be back to do more . You were well worth travelling 50 miles to get to xxxx" Claire S

"I attended a workshop facilitated by Sarah and I loved every minute. Sarah is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to crystals. I would recommend her workshops to anyone interested in crystals and healing. She also set up a shop with lovely crystals at a very reasonable prices. 🙂" Ana D

"Fantastic workshop today. I experienced so much wisdom, information and change. I was in pain and Sarah’s recommendation to use some chevron amethyst crystals made a positive and sustainable difference. Looking forward to the next workshop. Thanks Sarah xxx" Gilly D

Complimentary  Therapies

Reiki Treatment

Psychic development &

Spirital Life Coaching

Physical illness can begin with negative thought patterns as thoughts are a form of energy.  Over time and often subconsciously our childhood experiences, Life situations, Trauma and stress all contribute to disease and disharmony in the body, mind and soul of each of us. I use various techniques as a spiritual life coach to guide you through the root of the problem and unblock and release emotional wounds. I am an Intuitive empath and use Hooponoopono , shadow work, divination tools, and other spiritual and energy work modalities to clear your Aura , balance your chakras, release energy blocks and help you discover your true authentic self once again.  

I  can help you take back control of your life if you have a long term health condition or energy imbalances  which eventually manifest into physical health ailments like insomnia,anxiety, chronic pain and depression. to name a few.    I have suffered from  chronic pain and chronic fatigue for 26 years now, I know how it feels as a daily struggle.  I have managed to reduce my pain medication by half since using these energy healing techniques. 


Disclaimer: energy healing is to be used as a complimentary therapy and not a substitute for seeking medical advice from a GP.


Get in touch with me today to find out about my unique approach to health and well being and to book a visit.  

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